Diamond Clarity is a measure of a diamond's internal flaws and impurities. Diamonds were formed millions of years ago deep within the earth, under enormous heat and pressure. 

Consequently, most diamonds contain tiny marks, known as inclusions, which make each stone unique like a finger print. A diamond that is virtually free of interior or exterior inclusions (commonly referred to as flaws) is of the highest quality. To determine a diamond's clarity, it is viewed under 10 times magnification by a trained gemmologist. The position of inclusions can affect the value of a diamond. There are very few flawless diamonds found in nature, thus these diamonds are much more valuable.

Inclusions are ranked on a scale of perfection, known as clarity. The clarity scale, ranging from F (Flawless) to Included (I), is based on the visibility of inclusions at a magnification of 10 times.

The greater a diamonds clarity, the more brilliant, valuable and rare it is, and the higher it is on the Diamond Scale.

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