History of Crown

The family owned and operated company was established in 1978 by Giovanni and Maria Antonaglia, together over the years Giovanni and Maria have travelled extensively searching and attaining high quality items from all over the world, tapping into innovative designs in jewellery and they have been privileged to bring them to our shores in Australia.

During this time Giovanni founded and developed the wholesale division of the company and established a well liked and respected company providing first class merchandise of high quality. At the same time Maria managed and opened their first Retail Store Maria's Fine Gifts & Jewellery which still is in operation today.

After a period of time Giovanni and Maria welcomed their three daughters Angela, Luisa and Francesca into their business, upon completing valuable studies and experience to assist the company's growth including tertiary qualifications in commerce, business management, gemmology and the arts, together with the hardworking ethics, knowledge and background they grew up with it has enabled their business to expand.

These principles have been the foundation that have assisted in the growth of Giovanni Imports Pty Ltd, in 1999 the first of Crown Family Jewellers store was opened, priding itself with unsurpassed high quality using the best materials. With regular overseas travel and dealing directly with the merchants, the company has been able to bring innovative and one off pieces from all over the world.

Today we are proud to have four locations in Brisbane trading as Crown Family Jewellers. Crown Family Jewellers has managed to forge its own reputation so well that we received Nationwide Australia Jeweller Retailer of the Year in 2001.
Throughout the years Giovanni and Maria have supported numerous charities and in 2008 Giovanni was awarded the honourable Queen's Orders of Australia Medal.

Crown Family Jewellers is fresh, innovative, set on traditional values, together with continued support of dedicated staff, team members and managers, we look forward to welcoming you to Crown Family Jewellers.

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