Natures Gift - Timeless Classic Creations.

Pearls are one of natures creations and thus being the oldest known gems, many have adorned Pearls for centuries. Worn as a beauty on its own or accompanied by other precious gemstones.

Pearls are truly a splendour of nature, created by living creatures.

Natural pearls are created by an irritation entering a mussel or oyster. The irritant is isolated by secretions of nacre over a period of time resulting in a lustrous pearl. Natural pearls are rare and expensive.

Over the years man have been able to fast pace the evolution of pearls.

Cultured Pearls are created in the same way as natural pearls but with man's intervention. An irritation is surgically implanted, duplicating what would occur naturally, as was discovered by the Japanese who were the first to cultivate pearls early last century. The majority of pearls today are cultured.

Varities of Cultured Pearls


White South Sea


Mabe Pearls

Keshi Pearls

Pearls are unique no two pearls are the same

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