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From classical diamond studs to stylish hoops and drop chandelier, Crown Family Jewellers have a dazzling selection of diamond earrings on display. Why not consider a combination of vivid gem stones and diamonds? Our wide range is suitable to every taste and occasion. However if you still can’t find what you are looking for, then our in house master jeweller can design your own bespoke pair using GIA certified diamond or gem stones.

When talking classical and versatile, diamond studs make the perfect gift, (even if it is a gift to yourself!!). However, with so much to consider when buying diamonds it can be difficult to know exactly which diamond shape, diamond quality, or setting style is best. Our friendly and informative staff would be more than happy to assist and recommend options from our extensive range.

The “quality” guidelines for diamond studs are not quite as strict as those for engagement rings. Engagement rings are more out in the open with people being more likely to ask you to show them your diamond engagement ring close up. The rules of 4C’s are very important when buying a diamond, but clarity and color may not be as important to diamond studs as they are to engagement rings.

The most common shapes for diamond stud earrings are Round, Asscher, and Princess cut diamonds. These shapes have equal proportions and are well suited to being a stud earring. That’s what makes the circular shape of the Round and Square shape of a Princess and Asscher cut so popular.

When shopping for an engagement ring or loose diamond the carat weight is mostly up to your budget. For most, diamond carat weight can play a more significant role in earrings. In engagement rings, the setting, any side stones, and the ring’s band can all make an engagement ring’s center stone appear larger. While diamond studs usually have a minimal setting and a small diamond cannot be hidden, therefore most opt for larger diamonds.

Aside from the diamond shape, the next thing to consider is the setting and the backs. Prongs and basket settings are the most common for diamond studs because of their classical minimalism which showcases the diamond. Another option is a halo setting which helps enhance the sparkle factor when choosing a lower carat weight.

Screw backs are usually the best option when buying diamond studs, or any gem stone stud earring of value. They are thicker in diameter and the most secure option for stud earrings.

At Crown Family Jewellers we have an exquisite collection of diamond studs, diamond hoops and diamond chandelier earrings, but if you still can’t find a pair which expresses your own individuality then we have on-site Master Jewellers at both locations, Westfield Chermside and Westfield Carindale, who can handcraft that Jewellery piece just for you.

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