White Diamond Specialist

Who doesn’t love sparkly bling? I know that since growing up as a little girl, I’ve always been mesmerised by the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond. Even a James Bond movie was named Diamonds are Forever.

Perhaps it’s the wistful nostalgia of what a diamond signifies – an invitation of eternity together? A promise of a lifetime married? A fond memory of a keepsake passed down through generations? There’s definitely a mystique and highly personal journey about each and every stone.

As a certified gemmologist, I see hundreds of beautiful stones pass through my stores and workshops every week. Some already set in platinum or gold, others in their purest form waiting to be selected and crafted into something amazing.

One noticeable element is that diamonds quite simply never go out of fashion. Trends change – right now for engagement rings, large natural diamonds, multiple bands and three stone styles seem to be pretty hot but in 10 or 20 years’ time, they’ll still be admired for their beauty and elegance…unlike that pair of wedge shoes you’ve got parked in your wardrobe right now. Meghan Markle’s oval cut three stone ring has caused quite a sensation for its timeless elegance but simple design.

So, my tip is to select wisely and let an expert jeweller assist you. Let them explain the C’s to you – (clarity, cut, carat weight, colour) to get a better feel for what you personally value in a diamond. Everyone’s motivations are different for buying a diamond, but we’re just honoured we can play a part in a happy journey for so many of our customers – come in store to experience the magic of a Crown Family Jewellers diamond.

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