As one of Brisbane’s leading diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding ring jewellery stores, we have mastered the process involved in selecting the perfect diamond. Before offering any diamond to the consumer for consideration we spend time researching the options based on our client’s requirements and budget. All our diamond engagement and wedding rings have passed our selection process ensuring we offer only the best and purest White Diamonds to our clients.

Having browsed our online selection, come visit your nearest store where you will be able to view the full collection of diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings and fine jewellery. Here you will be met by one of our qualified consultants who will happily assist you in finding your perfect diamond piece.

Selecting a perfect diamond

Many factors should be considered when selecting the perfect diamond, there is a lot more to the 4C’s than meets the eye. This ranges from the many levels within any one grade right through to the grading variances of each of the different certifying laboratories. Our staff have been trained to understand and apply all of these factors when assisting clients in selecting their diamond.

It is important to consider diamond cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Each is assessed individually and collectively so as to select the perfect diamond at the right price. No two diamonds are ever the same. Size, shape, colour and location of any inclusion are all factors determining which clarity grade a stone falls into. This is where an assistant with detailed diamond education can ensure you get the right diamond for the right price. Our consultants may suggest a particular diamond cut or diamond grade over another, so as to highlight specific effects of individual diamonds and meet a desired result.

Before buying any diamond, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with some of the basic, such as the 4Cs. Selecting and buying a diamond is one of those special moments in life, and so we always recommend purchasing your diamond from someone you can trust with years of experience in the business.

We at Crown Family Jewellers have been Brisbane’s White Diamond Specialists since 1978. Ours is a family business with the sole passion of providing the finest diamond rings and the best customer service. We have master jewellers at both stores who can design a piece exclusively for you, with the diamond of your choice and we pride ourselves on servicing our customers across all ranges, requirements and budgets.

If you would like us to help you select your perfect diamond, please visit your nearest store.